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Banking with Life Insurance is a powerful concept that's been around since the birth of the insurance industry nearly 200 years ago. It can be used for Retirement Planning, Real Estate Investments, Getting out of Debt, College Funding, Vehicle Purchases, Business Expenses, and much more!

We design a whole life insurance policy for you which gives the maximum cash value accumulation possible. This cash value grows at a guaranteed compound interest rate every year. In addition to the guaranteed growth, you may also receive non-guaranteed annual dividend payments that will increase your cash value and your death benefit.

From day one, you'll have access to leverage that cash value by taking a guaranteed loan against it when needed. There is a very small simple-interest rate applied to your loan, and there are no credit checks or hoops to jump through. Doing this allows your cash value to continue to compound year after year!

You may use your cash value loans however you'd like. Because they accrue at a simple interest rate, they're great for paying down outstanding debt. Imagine how much you can save by transferring your debt from car loans, credit cards, even your mortgage! We can show you strategies to be debt-free (Including your home) in less than 10 years! Now that's news you can use!

Give your dollar a second job!

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Need Medicare Benefits? You came to the right place..

With over 14,000 Americans eligible for Medicare daily, there's never been a greater need for education about this program. Medicare benefits are not a one size fits all solution. You must factor in your prescription drug costs, monthly premium options, networks, referrals, and future insurability. This is why our primary focus has always been the senior community. We are here to help you, but more importantly, we want to educate you on your options. So whether you're turning 65, disabled, or wanting to review existing benefits; we are here to be your lifeline when it comes to Medicare benefits!

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Planning for Retirement? Eliminate the risk of outliving your income!

When planning for retirement it's all about RISK. How much money are you willing to lose? Tax deferred market options are difficult to predict, as the economy is always changing. We offer solutions that can attain Index Based Guaranteed Tax-Deferred Growth with ZERO risk of loss! When the market goes up, so does your account balance! When the market goes down, you'll hold firm until things improve.

Our retirement strategies also ensure that you'll have the option of a lifetime stream of income, no matter how long you live! For the younger crowd, ask us about our tax-free retirement strategies using Life Insurance.

For our seniors, call us today and ask about our Fixed-Indexed Annuity options. We'll have an illustration ready for you in just minutes!

We service multiple states, and we're growing rapidly! So tell your friends, tell your family, we're here to help! Give us a call today!

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