We offer Group Health and Life benefits to employers of every size. Whether you have 1 or 151+ employees, we have a solution for you! We shop with multiple insurance companies to ensure you get the highest quality benefits for your employees!

Below are the five most common health insurance plan types that may be available. For a personalized quote, send an email to info@rootedbenefits.com with the subject "Group Quote."

PPO - Preferred Provider Organization:

A PPO is generally more flexible and provides larger networks allowing members to get their medical care from doctors or hospitals in the insurance company’s list of preferred providers. This is a great plan for those that want to direct their own health care but don’t mind working within a list of providers. These plans also extend some benefits for receiving services from out-of-network providers.

HMO - Health Maintenance Organization:

A HMO plan offers health care via contracted providers who agree to provide services to its members. Members typically need to select a Primary Care Physician and need a referral to see a specialist. Care outside of the HMO network is typically not covered except in the event of an emergency.

EPO - Exclusive Provider Organization

A EPO plan is similar to a PPO but tends to be more restrictive when it comes to network. These plans are becoming more popular with members as they are not forced select a primary care physician or need a referral to see a specialist. Typical EPO’s do not have any coverage outside of network.

HSA - Health Savings Account:

An HSA acts like a long-term savings account you can use to pay for qualified health care expenses. You deposit pre-tax money from each paycheck into the account, and then make withdrawals to pay for eligible medical expenses as needed. Your employer can also contribute to the account, but is not required to do so.

HRA - Health Reimbursement Arrangement:

An HRA is similar to an HSA, but is owned by and funded only by the employer. The employer deposits a predetermined amount of money into the account which you can then use to pay for medical expenses not covered by your health plan. Employers cannot offer standard HRAs as stand-alone plans, and they must be integrated with a group health plan. The HRA is not transferable when you leave the company since it’s owned by the employer.

Need Medicare Benefits? You came to the right place..

With over 14,000 Americans eligible for Medicare daily, there's never been a greater need for education about this program. Medicare benefits are not a one size fits all solution. You must factor in your prescription drug costs, monthly premium options, networks, referrals, and future insurability. This is why our primary focus has always been the senior community. We are here to help you, but more importantly, we want to educate you on your options. So whether you're turning 65, disabled, or wanting to review existing benefits; we are here to be your lifeline when it comes to Medicare benefits!

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Planning for Retirement? Eliminate the risk of outliving your income!

When planning for retirement it's all about RISK. How much money are you willing to lose? Tax deferred market options are difficult to predict, as the economy is always changing. We offer solutions that can attain Index Based Guaranteed Tax-Deferred Growth with ZERO risk of loss! When the market goes up, so does your account balance! When the market goes down, you'll hold firm until things improve.

Our retirement strategies also ensure that you'll have the option of a lifetime stream of income, no matter how long you live! For the younger crowd, ask us about our tax-free retirement strategies using Life Insurance.

For our seniors, call us today and ask about our Fixed-Indexed Annuity options. We'll have an illustration ready for you in just minutes!

We service multiple states, and we're growing rapidly! So tell your friends, tell your family, we're here to help! Give us a call today!

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